New Books

Gettysburg Battlefield : a chilling interactive adventure
Doeden, Matt
The dark prophecy
Riordan, Rick
Stack the cats
Ghahremani, Susie
Crazy house
Patterson, James
The disappearances
Murphy, Emily Bain
The sacrifice of Sunshine Girl
McKenzie, Paige
Tokyo ghoul
Ishida, Sui
Brown v. Board of Education : a fight for simple justice
Rubin, Susan Goldman
Lincoln Memorial
Murray, Julie
Signing at home : sign language for kids
Clay, Kathryn.
A time to act : John F. Kennedy's big speech
Corey, Shana
Kesselring, Mari.
A teacher's promise
Robertson, Rachel
Down the field 10, 20, 30 : a football counting by tens book
Rustad, Martha E. H.
Making a bully-free world
Hall, Pamela
A bully-free bus
Hall, Pamela
A bully-free playground
Hall, Pamela
Math with pets
Romaine, Claire
Math with money
Romaine, Claire
Signing in my world : sign language for kids
Clay, Kathryn.
Signing around town : sign language for kids
Clay, Kathryn.
Signing at school : sign language for kids
Clay, Kathryn.
President Donald Trump
Robison, Nick
Pete the cat and the tip-top tree house
Dean, James
What were the Twin Towers?
O'Connor, Jim
Bloom, J. P.
Bloom, J. P.
Bloom, J. P.
Bloom, J. P.
Bloom, J. P.
Bloom, J. P.
Bloom, J. P.
VanVoorst, Jenny Fretland
Heads and tails
Davidson, Carli
Shake, wiggle and roll
Davidson, Carli
Sabotage : the mission to destroy Hitler's atomic bomb
Bascomb, Neal
The Rancher's Miracle Baby
Arrington, April
Her Cowboy Boss
Johns, Patricia
The Tycoon's Fiancee Deal
Garbera, Katherine
The CEO's Nanny Affair
Wood, Joss
From Temptation to Twins
Dunlop, Barbara
Quest for Justice
Tailer, Kathleen
Inherited: Unexpected Family
Meyer, Gabrielle
Plain Retribution
Lynn, Dana R.
Tempted by the Wrong Twin
Bailey, Rachel
Little Secrets: Claiming His Pregnant Bride
Anderson, Sarah M.
Frontier Want Ad Bride
Cote, Lyn
An Amish Courtship
Drexler, Jan
The Texan's Baby Proposal
Orwig, Sara
Texas Rebels: Paxton
Warren, Linda
Homefront Defenders
Phillips, Lisa
McCoy, Shirlee
Wedded for the Baby
Clark, Dorothy
Cowboy Doctor
Winters, Rebecca
Mission Undercover
Vaughan, Virginia
Deadly Disclosure
Carver, Meghan
The end of infinity
Myklusch, Matt.
Welcome to Chef Club!
Stephens, Leigh
Gabriela speaks out
Harris, Teresa E
Bubbles and Boo
Miles, Ellen
Princess Leia : royal rebel
Glass, Calliope
Dolphin rescue
Nichols, Catherine
CLEP : official study guide 2018.
Volunteer : a traveller's guide to making a difference around the world.
Crime scene : a novel
Kellerman, Jonathan
The address : a novel
Davis, Fiona
Girl in snow : a novel
Kukafka, Danya
On her majesty's frightfully secret service
Bowen, Rhys
A killer harvest : a novel
Cleave, Paul
This land is our land : the history of American immigration
Osborne, Linda Barrett
Pettiford, Rebecca
This house, once
Freedman, Deborah
My people
Hughes, Langston
The cat from Hunger Mountain
Young, Ed
Be quiet!
Higgins, Ryan T.
The Ministry of SUITs
Gamble, Paul
Flying lessons & other stories
Orphan Island
Snyder, Laurel
The most important thing : stories about sons, fathers & grandfathers
Fowler, Sarah L.
Silly sea stories
Hillenburg, Stephen
The sand warrior
Siegel, Mark
The time museum
Loux, Matthew
Tokyo ghoul
Ishida, Sui
School buses
Murray, Julie.
American girl : the story of America : discover history with American Girl
Kosara, Tori
Ally-saurus & the first day of school
Torrey, Rich
My brother Charlie
Peete, Holly Robinson
Cleveland Browns
Lajiness, Katie.
Sputnik's guide to life on Earth
Cottrell Boyce, Frank
Clayton Byrd goes underground
Williams-Garcia, Rita
Pottymouth & Stoopid
Patterson, James
Lord, Cynthia.
Ellie in concert
Wu, Mike
Who was Princess Diana?
Labrecque, Ellen
Super Narwhal and Jelly Jolt
Clanton, Ben
CatStronauts : race to Mars
Brockington, Drew
Lights, camera, middle school!
Holm, Jennifer L.
Ghost light burning
Fields, Jan
Sands, Lynsay
The Secret He Must Claim
Shaw, Chantelle
Secret Miami Nights
Yaye, Pamela
Carrying the Spaniard's Child
Lucas, Jennie
Pregnant at Acosta's Demand
Blake, Maya
Bought for the Billionaire's Revenge
Connelly, Clare
Lady Be Bad
Frampton, Megan
The Prince's Stolen Virgin
Yates, Maaisey
Protecting His Defiant Innocent
Smart, Michelle
Muffin to Fear
Hamilton, Victoria
A Ring for the Greek's Baby
Milburne, Melanie
The Dolls
Patterson, James
Texas Daddy
Navarro, Jolene
Their Ranch Reunion
Obenhaus, Mindy
The Scandal of It All
Jordan, Sophie
Second Chance Rancher
Minton, Brenda
Cat About Town
Conte, Cate
Reuniting His Family
Gordon, Jean C.
A Groom for Ruby
Miller, Emma
Lone Star Baby Scandal
Canan, Lauren
Wrong Side of the Paw
Cass, Laurie
The Soldier's Secret Child
McClain, Lee Tobin
My cousin rachel
Du Maurier, Daphne
Fairstein, Linda A.
The lying game
Ware, Ruth
Let the dead speak
Casey, Jane
Dark rites
Graham, Heather
The painted queen
Peters, Elizabeth
Paradise valley
Box, C. J.
Rosenfelt, David
Windy city blues
Rosen, Renee
Late Show
Connelly, Michael
Look behind you
Johansen, Iris
Strays : a lost cat, a homeless man, and their journey across America
Collins, Britt
The fallen
Atkins, Ace
Gather the daughters : a novel
Melamed, Jennie
The 52-story treehouse
Griffiths, Andy
See What I Have Done
Schmidt, Sarah
Animal communication
Dunne, Abbie
Randy Orton
Armstrong, Jesse.
Moto and me : my year as a wildcat's foster mom
Eszterhas, Suzi.
Stormy seas : stories of young boat refugees
Leatherdale, Mary Beth
Wind power
Pettiford, Rebecca
Chocolate : how is it made?
Fretland VanVoorst, Jenny
Green buildings
Pettiford, Rebecca
Black, Vanessa
What the dinosaurs did at school
Tuma, Refe
Clark the shark and the big book report
Hale, Bruce.
Time for puppy school
O'Connor, Jane.
Dragons love tacos 2: the sequel
Rubin, Adam
Don't blink!
Booth, Tom
This book will not be fun
Dunlap, Cirocco
Life on Mars
Agee, Jon
Statts, Leo
Murray, Julie
Murray, Julie
Birds from head to tail
Alside, Ken
CatStronauts : Mission Moon
Brockington, Drew
How it feels to be a boat
Kwan, James
Froggy goes to Grandma's
London, Jonathan
Far apart, close in heart : being a family when a loved one is incarcerated
Birtha, Becky
The police station
Murray, Julie
EMT's tools
Hanson, Anders
Carmelo Anthony
Gitlin, Marty.
Marsico, Katie
Doctors without Borders
Marsico, Katie
The United Nations
Marsico, Katie
I funny : School of Laughs
Patterson, James
Once and for all : a novel
Dessen, Sarah
The awakening of Sunshine Girl
McKenzie, Paige
The beautiful lost
Rice, Luanne
And then there were four
Werlin, Nancy
The Glittering court
Mead, Richelle
Finding Hope
Nelson, Colleen
Naomi's hope
Drexler, Jan
The Elusive Miss Ellison
Miller, Carolyn
An Amish summer : four novellas
Please, Mr. Panda
Antony, Steve
A perfect day
Smith, Lane
Little blue and little yellow : a story for Pippo and Ann and other children
Lionni, Leo
My home in the rainforest
Lewis, J. Patrick
My home in the water
Lewis, J. Patrick
I will love you forever
Miyanishi, Tatsuya.
McDonnell, Patrick
Thank you, God
Wigger, J. Bradley.
I promise
McPhail, David
I love you because you're you
Baker, Liza
Chester and Gus
McGovern, Cammie.
Mommies are amazing
Costain, Meredith
The supremes sing the happy heartache blues
Moore, Edward Kelsey
The black elfstone
Brooks, Terry
I need a lifeguard everywhere but the pool
Scottoline, Lisa
Pet birds : questions and answers
Gardeski, Christina Mia
Wear a helmet! : healthy safety habits
Salzmann, Mary Elizabeth
Urban animals
Hill, Isabel
Kesselring, Mari.
Violet the pilot
Breen, Steve.
McAnulty, Stacy.
Welcome : a Mo Willems guide for new arrivals
Willems, Mo.
Beyoncé : singer, songwriter, and actress
Kampff, Joseph.
Rivera, Andrea
Roller coasters
Pettiford, Rebecca.
The Wright Brothers
Davis, Lynn
Tractor's farmyard fun
Marshall, Amelia
Murray, Julie.
Minecraft : guide to building
Gregory, Josh
Chirri & Chirra
Doi, Kaya
Totally amazing facts about outrageous inventions
Meister, Cari
Totally amazing facts about stuff we've built
Meister, Cari
We're all wonders
Palacio, R. J.
One little, two little, three little children
DiPucchio, Kelly
Ellis, Carson, 1975- author, illustrator.
The book no one ever read
Funke, Cornelia
Bodden, Valerie
Panda pants
Davies, Jacqueline
Super gabba friends!
Gallo, Tina.
Kann, Victoria
Moon shadow
Platt, Chris
Hum if you don't know the words
Marais, Bianca
Some kind of hero
Brockmann, Suzanne
Grace : a novel
Lynch, Paul
Down a dark road
Castillo, Linda
Stillhouse lake
Caine, Rachel
The spawn of lillith
Fredsti, Dana
The witches of new york
McKay, Ami
Palmer, Diana
A game of ghosts : a Charlie Parker thriller
Connolly, John
The Bourne initiative
Lustbader, Eric
Two nights : a novel
Reichs, Kathy
Jane Eyre
Brontë, Charlotte
The nearness of you
Garlock, Dorothy
House of Spies
Silva, Daniel
Natural world : a visual compendium of wonders from nature
Wood, Amanda
Hello world : a celebration of language and curiosities
Litton, Jonathan
The new ocean : the fate of life in a changing sea
Barnard, Bryn.
Rotner, Shelley.
Ollie outside : screen-free fun
Oberschneider, Michael
Every color
Kono, Erin Eitter
Jain, Mahak
Guardians of the Galaxy. New guard. Vol. 3, Civil war II
Hand, Carol
Do something for others : the kids' book of citizenship
Hanson, Anders
Everyone is equal : the kids' book of tolerance
Hanson, Anders
Hermit crabs
Murray, Julie
Morey, Allan.
Brick animals : clever and creative ideas to make from classic LEGO
Elsmore, Warren
Brick cars and trucks
Elsmore, Warren.
Frank and Laverne
Whamond, Dave
Scooby-Doo in lights out at the ball game
Guidone, Ellen.
Life cycle of a honey bee
Jones, Grace
The animals' ark
Dubuc, Marianne