New Books

Nouvion, Judith
Queen Dog
Heos, Bridget.
The science of dinosaurs
Hulick, Kathryn.
Charles Darwin : groundbreaking naturalist and evolutionary theorist
Sullivan, Laura L.
Wheels on the bus
Anderson, Steven.
Mary Had A Little Lamb
Borgert-Spaniol, Megan.
Three little pigs : a favorite story in rhythm and rhyme
Walker, Susan Sandvig.
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
Borgert-Spaniol, Megan.
The ghostly secret of Lakeside School
Phillips, Dee
Magnets push, magnets pull
Adler, David A.
The rooster who would not be quiet!
Deedy, Carmen Agra.
Introducing the bossier baby as herself!
Frazee, Marla
The bear who wasn't there : and the fabulous forest
Lavie, Oren
Duke, Shirley Smith.
Better homes and gardens christmas from the heart
The little grumpy cat that wouldn't
Art Barn
Williams, Sam
Job site
Clement, Nathan
Nouvion, Judith
Vendittelli, Marie
Nouvion, Judith
I can praise God
Krueger, Naomi J.
Babies around the world
Doctor Who. The Twelfth Doctor. Vol. 5, The Twist
Mann, George
Nightmare in the hidden morgue
Phillips, Dee
The burning
Skogen, Jennifer.
Little Mouse's big book of beasts.
Gravett, Emily
Time now to dream
Knapman, Timothy.
The catawampus cat
Eaton, Jason Carter
Chicken story time
Asher, Sandy.
Shake a leg, egg!
Cyrus, Kurt
Me tall, you small
L'Arronge, Lilli.
Where, oh where, is Rosie's chick?
Hutchins, Pat
Scooby-Doo! keepaway camp
Sander, Sonia
Return to the ice palace
David, Erica
Dolphins in the ocean
Baltzer, Rochelle
Bears eat and grow
Gunderson, Megan M.
A pig, a fox, and stinky socks
Fenske, Jonathan
Duck, Duck, Porcupine!
Yoon, Salina
Kat's mystery gift
Scieszka, Jon
Kat's maps
Scieszka, Jon.
Trucks line up
Scieszka, Jon.
Salty kisses
Gunn, Robin Jones
My heart belongs in ruby city, idaho: rebecca's plight
Dietze, Susanne
The farmer's market mishap
Brunstetter, Wanda E.
Trusting Grace : a novel
Brendan, Maggie
The white feather murders
McMillan, Rachel
The faded photo
Price, Sarah
Behind the scenes
Turano, Jen
Threads of suspicion
Henderson, Dee
The stranger inside
Jaynes, Jennifer
Bird, balloon, Bear
Na, Il Sung
Head and shoulders
Borgert-Spaniol, Megan.
Itsy bitsy spider
Anderson, Steven.
Owl babies
Waddell, Martin.
Petersen, Christine
Measure it!
First, Rachel
Bunny's book club
Silvestro, Annie.
I'm not scared!
Allen, Jonathan
Dad and the dinosaur
Choldenko, Gennifer
Big bear, small mouse
Wilson, Karma
Pig and Goose and the first day of spring
Bond, Rebecca
Scooby-Doo! The coolsville contraption contest
Auerbach, Annie
Gus's garage
Timmers, Leo
Ward, Lindsay
I don't want to be big
Petty, Dev
Animals by the numbers : a book of infographics
Jenkins, Steve
Otis the owl
Holland, Mary
Turow, Scott
Party girls die in pearls : an Oxford girl mystery
Sykes, Plum
Gwendy's button box
King, Stephen
Rise and shine, Benedict Stone : a novel
Patrick, Phaedra
Sticks and bones
Haines, Carolyn
Anne boleyn, a king's obsession
Weit, Alison
The evening road
Hunt, Laird
Norse mythology
Gaiman, Neil
Exit west
Hamid, Mohsin
The perfect stranger
Miranda, Megan
Behind her eyes
Pinborough, Sarah
A want of kindness
Limburg, Joanne
Lillian boxfish takes a walk
Rooney, Kathleen
I found you
Jewell, Lisa
Cusk, Rachel
The song rising
Shannon, Samantha
Oath of honor
Betley, Matthew
No middle name : the complete collected Jack Reacher short stories
Child, Lee
Secrets in summer : a novel
Thayer, Nancy
The scribe of Siena : a novel
Winawer, Melodie
Anne Boleyn, a king's obsession : a novel
Weir, Alison
Price of duty
Brown, Dale
Tales of the last frontier : one family's western odyssey
Crownover, James D.
Full wolf moon : a novel
Child, Lincoln
Crimson harvest
Dunlap, Phil
Apollo 8 : the thrilling story of the first mission to the Moon
Kluger, Jeffrey
From this day
Roberts, Nora
G-man : a Bob Lee Swagger novel
Hunter, Stephen
Woman no. 17 : a novel
Lepucki, Edan
Deadmen walking
Kenyon, Sherrilyn
Tuesday's promise : one veteran, one dog, and their bold quest to change lives
Montalván, Luis Carlos
A dog's way home
Cameron, W. Bruce
The girl who knew too much
Quick, Amanda
The thirst : a Harry Hole novel
Nesbø, Jo
Some rise by sin : a novel
Caputo, Philip
Since we fell
Lehane, Dennis
What the dead leave behind
Simpson, Rosemary
The light we lost
Santopolo, Jill
Mother Land
Theroux, Paul
The Metropolitans
Goodman, Carol
The warden's daughter
Spinelli, Jerry
Race the night
Hubbard, Kirsten
The Ship Beyond Time
Heilig, Heidi
Dreamland burning
Latham, Jennifer
Making bombs for Hitler
Skrypuch, Marsha Forchuk
Gagnon, Jilly
The good for nothing button
Harper, Charise Mericle
Laura Ingalls Wilder
Strand, Jennifer.
Mahatma Gandhi
Strand, Jennifer.
Malala Yousafzai
Strand, Jennifer
Maurice Sendak
Strand, Jennifer.
Mother Teresa
Strand, Jennifer.
Anne Frank
Strand, Jennifer.
Jane Goodall
Strand, Jennifer
Mercer Mayer
Strand, Jennifer.
Marco Polo
Strand, Jennifer.
How to talk to girls at parties
Gaiman, Neil
James Mayhew presents Ella Bella Ballerina and the Sleeping Beauty
Mayhew, James
Gunderson, Megan M.
Bears in the mountains
Gunderson, Megan M.
Ant-man : zombie repellent
Wyatt, Chris.
Baltzer, Rochelle
Rivers of sunlight : how the sun cycles water around the earth
Bang, Molly
Garter snakes
Murray, Julie
Grand Canyon
Chin, Jason
Cinderstella : a tale of planets not princes
Miles, Brenda
Dining with dinosaurs : a tasty guide to mesozoic munching
Bonner, Hannah
The green umbrella
Kramer, Jackie Azúa
Storm's coming!
Preus, Margi
From tadpole to frog
Anderson, Steven.
Digger, dozer, dumper
Vestergaard, Hope
Anderson, Steven.
Barnett, Mac
All-star pups!
Tillworth, Mary
The owl and the pussy-cat
Lear, Edward.
Brush your grizzly bear grin
Mason, David I. a.
Mama's kisses
McMullan, Kate
Olivia the spy
Falconer, Ian
If your monster won't go to bed
Vega, Denise
I just want to say good night
Isadora, Rachel
Hooray for birds!
Cousins, Lucy
Sidman, Joyce
Five little ducks
Anderson, Steven C.
Old MacDonald
Borgert-Spaniol, Megan.
Isadora, Rachel.
Dizzy Izzy
Scieszka, Jon.
Cool sugar-free recipes : delicious & fun foods without refined sugar
Tuminelly, Nancy
It's mother's day!
York, M. J.
Simone Biles
Hansen, Grace
Cool structures : creative activities that make math & science fun for kids!
Hanson, Anders
Kesselring, Mari.
Cool wheat-free recipes : delicious & fun foods without gluten
Tuminelly, Nancy
When I grow up : Misty Copeland
Ryals, Lexi
Falcon : fight or flight
Wyatt, Chris.
Who is Hillary Clinton?
Alexander, Heather
Survivors club : the true story of a very young prisoner of auschwitz
Bornstein, Michael
A face like glass
Hardinge, Frances
Dennard, Susan
House of names
Toibin, Colm
Defy the stars
Gray, Claudia
Mr. Rochester
Shoemaker, Sarah
Outrun the moon
Lee, Stacey
An eagle in the snow
Morpurgo, Michael
Tokyo ghoul
Ishida, Sui
Sherlock. A study in pink
Moffat, Steven
Immortal hounds
Yasohachi, Ryo
Tokyo ghoul Past
Towada, Shin
World of reading : I am doctor strange
Big fish, little fish
Webster, Christy
The Goblin Crown
Wolfe, Robert Hewitt.
Esfir is alive : inspired by a true story
Simon, Andrea
Into the night to save the day!
Spinner, Cala
The great hunt
Higgins, Wendy
Tales of Westerford : dragons, knights and kings
Womack, Darryl
Shirvington, Jessica
Chloe Slipperslide's secret
Meadows, Daisy
The apple tart of hope
Fitzgerald, Sarah Moore
Invasion of the normals
Donbavand, Tommy.
Thirteen reasons why : a novel
Asher, Jay.
Pedro, first grade hero
Manushkin, Fran
The sign of the beaver
Speare, Elizabeth George.
The Nanny's Temporary Triplets
Marchand, Noelle
Amish Refuge
Giusti, Debby
Texas Takedown
Woodhaven, Heather
A Stranger She Can Trust
Black, Regan
Calculated Vendetta
Bailey, Jodie
The Marshal's Mission
Zogg, Anna
An Unlikely Mother
Favorite, Danica
His Shy Cinderella
Hardy, Kate
The Marriage Contract
Cantrell, Kat
The Rancher's Cinderella Bride
Orwig, Sara
Crash Landing
Avella, Becky
Little Secret, Red Hot Scandal
Schield, Cat
Conveniently Wed to the Greek
Shepherd, Kandy
Her Cherokee Groom
Hansen, Valerie
Reunited with the P. I.
Stewart, Anna J.
Pregnant by the Colton Cowboy
Lacombe, Lara
Triplets for the Texan
Maynard, Janice
Falling for the Rebel Princess
Darkins, Ellie
Shattered Secrets
Choate, Jane M.
Scott, Laura
Cavanaugh on Call
Ferrarella, Marie
The Magnate's Marriage Merger
Rock, Joanne
Tycoon Cowboy's Baby Surprise
Garbera, Katherine
Claimed by the Wealthy Magnate
Milne, Nina
Finder, coal mine dog
Hart, Alison
Missy Piggle-Wiggle and the Whatever Cure
Martin, Ann M.
Me and Marvin Gardens
King, A. S. (Amy Sarig)
Amina's voice
Khan, Hena
Griffin, M. A. (Martin A.)
Reichs, Brendan
Johnston, E. K
Daughter of the pirate king
Levenseller, Tricia
The Hate U Give
Thomas, Angie
A list of cages
Roe, Robin
The screaming statue
Oliver, Lauren
See you in the cosmos
Cheng, Jack
The memory of things
Polisner, Gae
Weregirl : everyone has an animal inside
Bell, C. D.
Freeman, Brian
Heat storm
Castle, Richard
Into the water
Hawkins, Paula
Willis, Kathy.
Tools on the farm
Borth, Teddy.
Machines on the farm
Borth, Teddy.
Crops on the farm
Borth, Teddy.
Life on the farm
Borth, Teddy.
What if the zebras lost their stripes?
Reitano, John.
Cool optical illusions : creative activities that make math & science fun for kids!
Hanson, Anders
Cool dairy-free recipes : delicious & fun foods without dairy
Tuminelly, Nancy
All birds have anxiety
Hoopmann, Kathy
Slow Burn Cowboy
Yates, Maisey
Up In Flames
Sinclair, Kira
The Secret Marriage Pact
Lee, Georgie
Blackmailed Down the Aisle
Fuller, Louise
To Marry a Prince
Arthur, A. C.
Never Trust a Pirate
Bowman, Valerie
Dead and Berried
Cochran, Peg
The Untamed Vampire
Baxter, Kate
The Dad Next Door
Dees, Stephanie
The Innocent's Shameful Secret
Craven, Sara
Their Surprise Daddy
Herne, Ruth Logan
The Forced Bride of Alazar
Hewitt, Kate
Blame It on the Duke
Bell, Lenora
Bound by the Sultan's Baby
Marinelli, Carol
The Nanny Bargain
Kaye, Glynna
The Sheikh's Bought Wife
Kendrick, Sharon
The Italian's Vengeful Seduction
Frances, Bella
Di Marcello's Secret Son
Thomas, Rachael
The Magnate's Tempestuous Marriage
Lee, Miranda
Nightshade for Warning
Cattrell, Bailey
Lavish Loving
Day, Zuri
Wedded Bliss
Bradley, Celeste
The Librarian and the Spy
Mann, Susan
Beyond the Limits
Garbera, Katherine
Claiming His Defiant Miss
Scott, Bronwyn
The Bride Lottery
March, Tatiana
The Bachelor's Twins
Springer, Kathryn
Tempting Kate
Snow, Jennifer
Rumors at Court
Gifford, Blythe
The Last Good Cowboy
Pearce, Kate
Marry in Haste
Gracie, Anne
The Heart of a Texas Cowboy
Broday, Linda
The Bull Rider's Homecoming
Pleiter, Allie
A Ready-Made Amish Family
Brown, Jo Ann
The Bad Luck Bride
MacGregor, Janna
The river of kings : a novel
Brown, Taylor
Lennie, Charles.
The 4-ingredient diabetes cookbook
Hughes, Nancy S.
The Italian diabetes cookbook : delicious and healthful dishes from venice to sicily and beyond
Riolo, Amy.
Lonely Planet
Nova Scotia, New Brunswick & Prince Edward Island
Miller, Korina
Confessions of a domestic failure
Laditan, Bunmi
16th seduction
Patterson, James
The book of summer : a novel
Gable, Michelle
I'll eat when I'm dead
Bourland, Barbara
The best of Adam Sharp
Simsion, Graeme C. author.
Astrophysics for people in a hurry
Tyson, Neil deGrasse
The stars
Dinwiddie, Robert
Salt houses
Alyan, Hala
The fallen
Lustbader, Eric
Walking on my grave
Hart, Carolyn G.
Against all odds : a novel
Steel, Danielle
Cutting back : my apprenticeship in the gardens of Kyoto
Buck, Leslie
Robert B. Parker's Little white lies
Atkins, Ace
Burntown : a novel
McMahon, Jennifer
Lee, Tosca Moon
Skitter : a novel
Boone, Ezekiel
The insulin express : one backpack, five continents, and the diabetes diagnosis that changed everything
Liebermann, Oren.
A stitch of time : the year a brain injury changed my language and life
Marks, Lauren
The perfect stranger
Miranda, Megan
The boy on the bridge
Carey, M. R.
Driving Miss Norma : one family's journey saying "yes" to living
Bauerschmidt, Tim
The broken road : a novel
Evans, Richard Paul
Find me
Monroe, J.S.
Birnbaum's Walt Disney World 2017
AMC's best day hikes near Washington, D.C. : four-season guide to 50 of the best trails in Maryland, Virginia, and the nation's capital
Homicz, Beth
Birnbaum's Disney World for kids 2017
Patagonian road : a year alone through Latin America
McCahill, Kate
Waves of murder
McDonald, C.S.
The secret room
Block, Sandra
The honeymoon handbook
Lonely Planet
Hawaii by cruise ship
Vipond, Anne
Explore Las Vegas
Food swings : 125 recipes to enjoy your life of virtue and vice
Seinfeld, Jessica
How to pack : travel smart for any trip
Palepu, Hitha
Taste of home heathy cooking 2017 annual recipes
Taste of Home
The gift of anger : and other lessons from my grandfather, Mahatma Gandhi
Gandhi, Arun
Will's red coat
Ryan, Tom
Mind over meds : know when drugs are necessary, when alternatives are better--and when to let your body heal on its own
Weil, Andrew.
Strange the dreamer
Taylor, Laini
Blood rose rebellion
Eves, Rosalyn
Just a girl
Mesrobian, Carrie
Radio silence
Oseman, Alice
Dragon captives
McMann, Lisa
Forget me not
Terry, Ellie
Captain Pug : the dog who sailed the seas
James, Laura
Dawn, Sasha
Platt, Chris
Star Gazer
Platt, Chris
Supergirl takes off!
Carbone, Courtney
Last Descendants
Kirby, Matthew J.
I survived the Joplin tornado, 2011
Tarshis, Lauren
Lost treasure of the emerald eye
Stilton, Gerónimo.
The passion of Dolssa : a novel
Berry, Julie
The apprentice's quest
Hunter, Erin.
The secret war
Myklusch, Matt.
The zoo crew
Keene, Carolyn.
Black widow forever red
Stohl, Margaret.
Sophie's big first word book
Sirett, Dawn
Animal babies in the forest
Groves, Julia
Deneux, Xavier
Pancakes! : cook in a book
Nieminen, Lotta
Anything is possible
Strout, Elizabeth
I will love your forever
Church, Caroline Jayne
Baby faces
Sirett, Dawn
Dinosaur dance!
Boynton, Sandra
Animal babies in the meadow
Groves, Julia
Touch and trace farm
Litton, Jonathan
Big fish little fish
Litton, Jonathan
Animal babies in the river
Groves, Julia
Love is a truck
Novesky, Amy
Animal babies on the mountain
Groves, Julia
Little Monkey calms down
Dahl, Michael
The last Neanderthal : a novel
Cameron, Claire.
No easy target
Johansen, Iris
Golden prey
Sandford, John
Option B : facing adversity, building resilience, and finding joy
Sandberg, Sheryl
Walkaway : a novel
Doctorow, Cory
Borne : a novel
VanderMeer, Jeff
I found you : a novel
Jewell, Lisa
The witchfinder's sister
Underdown, Beth
Little Tiger picks up
Dahl, Michael
Blast the sugar out! : lower blood sugar, lose weight, live better
Smith, Ian K.
Snack time
Williams, Sam
My enemy my heart
Eakes, Laurie Alice
Plain missing
Miller, Emma
My heart belongs in the superstition mountains
Davis, Susan Page
The memory of you
West, Catherine
Her secret
Gray, Shelley Shepard
Murder is no accident
Gabhart, Ann H.
Maggie's war
Todd, Terrie
Death in the mind's eye
Acker, Rick
Beneath a golden veil
Dobson, Melanie
Brides of virginia
Hake, Cathy Marie
A lady in disguise : a novel
Byrd, Sandra
The promise of rayne
Deese, Nicole
The honorable heir
Eakes, Laurie Alice
The chapel car bride
Miller, Judith
Home to Paradise
Cameron, Barbara
If i'm found
Blackstock, Terri
Since you've been gone
Allan, Christa
Summer on Sunset Ridge
MacLaren, Sharlene
A viscount's proposal
Dickerson, Melanie
Sandpiper cove : a Hope Harbor novel
Hannon, Irene
A touch of scarlet
Ryan, Renee
The ebb tide
Lewis, Beverly
A stolen heart
Cabot, Amanda
Grace and the preacher : a novel
Sawyer, Kim Vogel
Upon a spring breeze
Irvin, Kelly
Looking glass lies
Denman, Varina
Home at last
Raney, Deborah
To the farthest shores
Camden, Elizabeth
The Amish wanderer
Hilton, Laura V.
Trust my heart
Post, Carol J.