New Sound Recordings

The Guardians
Grisham, John
Olive Again
Strout, Elizabeth
The 19th Christmas
Patterson, James
Woods, Stewart
Vidal, Gore
The deserter
DeMille, Nelson
Innes, Kristin
Sins of the father
Jance, J.A.
Tom Clancy enemy contact
Maden, Mike
The man from the broken hills
L'Amore, Louis
Meant to be yours
Mallery, Susan
Lost treasures vol.1
L'amour's, Louis
Queen bee
Frank, Dorthea Benton
The stalking
Graham, Heather
The Matriarch
Page, Susan
Vendetta in death
Robb, J.D.
True Love: A Celebration of Cole Porter
Connick Jr., Harry
Christmas: A season of love
Menzel, Idina
Montgomery Gentry
Christmas in the city
Michele, Lea
A Christmas Haven
Woodsmall, Cindy