New Sound Recordings

Sheeran, Ed
The Pursuit
Belliston, Rebecca
The law at Randado
Leonard, Elmore
The Langoliers
King, Stephen
Razor Girl
Hiaasen, Carl
The Commodore
Deutermann, Peter T.
The tea girl of Hummingbird Lane
See, Lisa
Punish the sinners
Saul, John Ralston
The Violated
Pronzini, Bill
In his grave hour
Winspear, Jacqueline
The castle in the forest
Mailer, Norman
Silence Fallen
Briggs, Patricia
She made me laugh
Cohen, Richard
Depeche Mode
Sing It Now, Songs of Faith and Hope
McEntire, Reba
The Hamilton Mixtape
The Breaker
Little Big Town
Beauty and the Beast
Loggins, Kenny
The Devil Don't Sleep
Gilbert, Brantley
Tremaine the Album